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GPU Technology Conference Keynote 2023

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Don't miss this keynote from NVIDIA Founder and CEO, Jensen Huang. He will share how NVIDIA's accelerated computing platform is driving the next wave in AI, the metaverse, cloud technologies and sustainable computing.

GPU Technology Conference 2023

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Explore Breakthroughs in AI, Accelerated Computing, and Beyond at GTC.

YouTube: Install RAPIDS into Windows WSL for Amazing Pandas Performance

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In this video, we will be exploring how to install RAPIDS onto a Windows machine with WSL2. RAPIDS is a suite of open-source software libraries for executing end-to-end data science and analytics pipelines entirely on GPUs.

Community Contributed Example Notebooks

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The purpose of this collection is to introduce RAPIDS to new users by providing useful jupyter notebooks as learning aides. This set of notebooks are direct community contributions by the RAPIDS team, our Ecosystem Partners, and RAPIDS users like you!

YouTube: Intro to RAPIDS

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In this video tutorial, we explain what RAPIDS is and show, at a high level, what each of the libraries in the RAPIDS ecosystem is and what they do.

YouTube: t-SNE with RAPIDS (600x Speedup)

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This video shows an example where the GPU-accelerated t-SNE implementation achieves a 600x speedup for visualizing intermediate representations in a Convolutional Neural Network trained for CIFAR-10 classification.

YouTube: Walmart uses RAPIDS to help develop better retail forecasting

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Walmart Labs is now able to generate more accurate forecasting models, analyze more features over longer horizons, and iterate 100X faster to detect local anomalies and very granular sales patterns.

YouTube: Introduction To Nvidia Rapids - Run Anything In GPU

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YouTube channel explaining various topics on machine learning, deep learning, and AI with many real-world problem scenarios. This episode is an introduction to Nvidia RAPIDS cuDF and cuML Libraries.

Webinar: Detect Change with Satellite Imagery and Open Source Machine Learning

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Learn how to use Open Source Machine Learning to do change detection on satellite imagery. Also includes a section on predictive analytics using Regrid parcel data.

Blog: What is the difference between Dask and RAPIDS?

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Both Dask and RAPIDS are Python libraries to scale your workflow and empower you to process more data and leverage more compute resources. Both use interfaces modeled after the PyData ecosystem, making them familiar to most data practitioners.

Blog: Announcing RAPIDS on WSL2 for Windows

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We are announcing General Availability for RAPIDS on Windows 11 via WSL, the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Usability is now part of our pre-release testing.

Blog: cuSpatial Makes Progress Toward a Full-Featured Spatial Analytics Library

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Geographic Information Systems and mapping are problem spaces that include some of the world's most important and exciting technologies. Spatial analytics has powered big breakthroughs, and like the rest of RAPIDS, the team built cuSpatial to accelerate the work of practitioners.