Blazing Fast SQL on RAPIDS



Blazing fast SQL on Rapids

BlazingSQL is an incredibly fast distributed SQL engine on GPUs. BlazingSQL enables data scientists to easily connect large-scale data lakes to GPU-accelerated analytics. With a few lines of code, you can directly query raw file formats such as CSV and Apache Parquet inside Data Lakes like HDFS and AWS S3, and directly pipe the results into GPU memory.

ETL at Scale

Distributed architecture scales to thousands of GPUs. Relative performance improvements of the engine continue to increase with scale of cluster.

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BLazing Fast ETL

BlazingSQL currently runs ETL 20x faster than an Apache Spark cluster at price parity on a single node. With BlazingSQL, enterprise scale workloads run in seconds rather than hours.

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Built on RAPIDS

BlazingSQL is built on the GPU DataFrame, a shared memory model that enables libraries in the RAPIDS AI ecosystem to seamlessly interoperate with each other.

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It’s easy to get started with RAPIDS + BlazingSQL

Try with RAPIDS

You can use BlazingSQL with a RAPIDS install on our
Get Started Page .

Learn More

Learn more about BlazingSQL on the and try out their examples on their Welcome To BlazingSQL Github Repository

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See the latest documentation for BlazingSQL

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